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Wind Mitigation Inspections

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What Are Wind mitigation inspections?

As you look for a local home inspection company, you may want to find out if wind mitigation inspections are offered in your area. In Florida, these inspections can reduce the cost of your home insurance policy, since they’re designed to find out if your home has any features that can decrease the risk of property loss due to hurricanes and high winds. The stronger your home is, the lower your insurance rates should be. With wind mitigation inspections, we check on various components of your home to verify that they can withstand the strength of hurricane-force winds. This type of inspection can save you a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in homeowner’s insurance costs per year.

Make sure that the home inspection company that you choose uses the right wind mitigation inspection form. This form asks several questions to confirm that your home is currently up to compliance with Florida Building Codes. One example is that your home was built after a specific date when Florida’s codes were updated.

Another question on wind mitigation inspections is what type of roof you have. Is it made of concrete, clay, tile, or asphalt shingles? Has it recently been replaced? The stronger your roof is, the more you can save on insurance costs, too. Many homes in Florida have a deck attached to the roof. If you do, the inspector will determine how well it’s attached to the trusses and rafters and how strong the attachment is based on a scale from A to C, with C being the strongest. These are just some examples, but they all work to confirm that your home is wind-safe to help you save money. Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a form showing how your home was rated so you can submit it to your insurance company for review.


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